A Brief History of Camo Clothing and Fashion

Camouflage and has been around for a long time. How long, exactly? Well, in a fashion sense, camo clothing has only recently become fashionable within the last half a century, in the rural United States and the deep south where it is most prevalent. However, is has been around for millions, and even billions of years!

Camouflage is an adaptive mechanism that animals use to Historyblend in to their surroundings. The idea is that they take the shape of whatever environment they are in, so that can avoid predators, or in the case of predators, so that they sneak up on prey. Whomever has the best camouflage, wins! Its this genetic mechanism that has evolved over millions of years, that pushes the evolution of camouflage to the extreme.  This idea has been adapted into military techniques sparsely throughout history, but has picked up incredible traction within the past 150 years, to sneak up on enemies, ambush conveys, and hide equipment.

Camo ClothingFrom neatly trimmed and bright military clothing(the standard British red coat for instance), in order to stand out, military commanders who have had to deal with guerrilla tactics have adapted camo in order to blend in and be less of a target. As a result very specific patterns such as snow or desert, in addition to jungle camouflage have been designed over the years, and it is now a main part of advanced military techniques. Some animals take this a step further and actually grow mandibles and body parts in the shape of twigs or leaves, and in a military sense, netting and bushes have been attached to vehicles and armor to further strengthen camouflage past coloration.

Believe it or not, in the use of Hunterhunting gear, and fashion, camo has only been around for the past 40 years or so. A Hunting enthusiast by the name of Jim Crumley in the early 1970’s began exploring its use in hunting gear, and it quickly spread like wild fire. Today almost every hunting magazine, and in some cases fishing magazines, will include the theme to some degree.

FashionA decade later, this fashion trend bled into common every day American clothing styles, and you will now find the style in every color, from desert, to neon orange or hot pink, and in most clothing apparel. Camouflage socks, ties, and even lingerie are becoming popular, and many trucks, motorcycles, and boats are now designed with the style in mind. Combine that with popular games such as Call of Duty, movies and shows such as Rambo and the Walking Dead, and real world events such as the war in Afghanistan, and camouflage clothing is more popular than ever.

Style, Clothing, and UsesSexy Camo

Camo clothing and styles are here to stay, and now include just about every piece of apparel that you can imagine. These uses vary widely, with the majority of the style being used as part of every day fashion trends, such as jeans, t shirts, shoes, and swimming trunks. However, there are now several specific niches that have evolved as a result of the deep relationship people have begun to attach with camouflage.

Truck designsA perfect example are truck and other vehicle accessories, which are now wildly popular. You can find just about any item related for your vehicle, from bumper stickers, mats, and steering wheel covers, to full blown camo wraps that encompass your entire vehicle. These wraps have expanded to include boats, tractors, and guns, and are gaining more traction in the south where southern fashion is now directly related to the heme. People have developed such a close identification with the camo clothing, that it has become part of their formal life as well. People find commonalities between the fashion style and their way of life, and try to incorporate it into meaningful moments in time. These commonalities are the glue that keeps relationships together, and as a result, people want to include the fashion statement. One particular example in which this has occurred, and perhaps surprisingly, is the engagement and marriage process.

Formal ClothingWeddings, dresses, and rings are some of the most popular a-typical formal uses that the camo style has found its way into, and there is a huge niche for people who want to get involved. There are hundreds of wedding specific supplies on the market in which people can purchase and incorporate into a standard wedding. Camo wedding rings and engagement rings are almost as sought after as standard high ticket rings such as the brilliant cut diamond rings and princess cut wedding rings, and there is also a large demand for wedding cakes and wrapping paper. If people are willing to push the camo theme into something as important and memorable as a wedding, it is not surprising to see camo clothing and other related designs incorporated even deeper into peoples lives.

Dogs wearing the themePeople want to see their babies, dogs, furniture, carpet, bedding, bathroom, and kitchen draped in the stuff, and there are companies giving people the means to do so! Camo baby supplies are extremely popular. People can now purchase baby cribs, clothes, diaper bags, bottles, and crib bedding to theme out their nursery. There is an attractive niche for pet supplies, with collars and dog beds receiving a lot of online traffic, and you can now obtain just about every kind of kitchen houseware. From shower or window curtains, to other camo furniture such as couches and bed sets. The two most popular accessory niches are for shoes, where foamposites are extremely popular, and camouflaged purses, which are a huge hit with women.

Designs and Styles

Multi-colored ShirtsWhen exploring the theme, it is important to understand that there are many more designs and styles aside from the standard jungle style that has become synonymous with the definition itself. Some of these styles are used in the military and have real world applications apart from the look. For instance, in Afghanistan, desert styled camo has allowed troops to blend in, saving lives and protecting equipment. In snowy areas, snow camouflage strips itself of virtually all color in favor of a mostly white, black, and gray color pattern. However, other camo clothing styles have evolved out of its wild popularity, and you can now see it in almost every color, theme, and style. In the case of every pattern, whether it be spotted, stripped, or any other random pattern, the part that makes it camouflage is that it maintains a disruptive influence on your eyes and is hard to detect.

The Color PinkPink

Out of all the non-standard patterns of camo, pink camo clothing is by far the most popular. As you can imagine, the design is a feminine themed style where pink becomes the primary color and the supporting colors become the disruptive pattern. The disruptive patterns can be any color, not just green or black, and these patterns are mostly found on traditional feminine specific products. These products include dresses, bedding, hair pins, etc., however, as a fashion ware, pink clothing is just as prevalent in pants, shirts, and underwear products.

The Snow ThemeSnow

Snow camo clothing is a standard style, with the prevalence of white as its primary color. In fact, many military uniforms include styles that are 100% white, because snow environments will almost always be covered in snow and give off no additional colors. Mixed snow uniforms can be best used within wooded snowy areas, it really depends on the environment. As a non practical design, these styles look very neat as shorts, socks, and toboggans,  and are very popular in non winter environments as well.

The Desert ThemeDesert

Desert camo clothing is very similar to the snow style in that it does not involve many variations in colors. The desert design, which has especially been made popular in the United States by the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is designed to blend in with the sandy environment of most Middle Eastern and African nations. In these environments, sand dunes are almost everywhere, and there is a distinct lack of color, so to blend in the bulk of the camo has to maintain the orange/brown like pigmentation throughout. At a distance, this allows the style to blend in seamlessly with the environment.

The Jungle Theme


Jungle themed camo clothing is your standard camo fare, and there are several explanations for why it has become popular, and why people associate with it. For one, during world war 2 and the Vietnam war especially, soldiers were engaged in jungle or wooded warfare, and wore the style almost exclusively.

Soldiers struggled with life or death daily, and it is widely accepted that being in such an environment, soldiers develop an intimate relationship with their surroundings and especially the tools that helped keep them alive. Naming their helmets, guns, and developing close attachments with their military group helped to give soldiers added incentive to maintain a good psyche while under duress, so it is no surprise that these soldiers coming back from war, would develop a bond with the pattern.
After the pattern was introduced as a fashion style, these were the people who quickly picked up the trend and helped make it main stream. Jungle camo consists of brown, black, and grey colors in various shades, and become especially handy in jungle environments that contained multiple colors already.


So what is CozyCamo all About?

This is a site built and developed in order to bring a more refined and discerning eye to the world of CozyCamo Logocamo, which is filtered through the mind of somebody who is intimately involved in the fashion industry and who has a modest feel for design and home decor. Coming from a small rural town, this color scheme was extremely popular and fashionable where I lived, and I grew quite fond of the design. When I was young, I hunted and had aspirations of joining the military. A childhood accident derailed those dreams, and although my life has taken me elsewhere, I still feel a deep connection with it. My school actually celebrated “camo day” once a year, and it might have been my favorite day of the whole school year! I have since moved a modest distance away, and have no desire to ever make a living in my town, however I still feel quite humble and nostalgic when thinking about things that might have been. CozyCamo is my baby, my pride and joy, and I enjoy combining my personal expertise with a design that I personally am fond about. The intent of this site is not just to enjoy the design, but analyze it in such a way, that it makes sense as a fashionable article of clothing, or perhaps whether it makes sense to use it as a theme while furnishing your home.