Camo Wedding Rings, Reviews and Information for Engagement, Anniversaries, and Promise Sets

Believe it or not, but camouflage has infiltrated the realm of formal wear, and occasions which have traditionally been defined as black and white, have instead slowly been allowed to take on this exotic theme. From camo dresses, to tuxedos and other attire, more and more formal clothing has become remarkably gray. One such example of this, of a formal accessory gone rogue, are camo wedding rings. When you think about it, camo rings for a wedding make a lot of sense, in that your wedding band is something that is suppose to be unique about you yet is something that you can share. When it comes to weddings, it is virtually the only element that you can take with you for the rest of your life as a constant reminder toward your love and affection towards another human being. So if you are into camouflage, there are two main benefits to going with a camo wedding ring that should appeal to you. The first benefit, is that they are unique! Many, many people choose to go with traditional gold or white gold wedding bands, especially men who do not have the opportunity to augment an engagement ring to form a set. Some men opt to go for a titanium ring to further set them apart from their peers, but this is still very bland and boring in the end. Having said that, it is now becoming extremely popular for couples, men especially since they don’t have to match a set, to customize their wedding bands in order to draw out some individuality. >>>Click to Check the Best Prices for Women’s and Mens Military and Hunting Sets <<<

Mossy Oak Duck blind ringTitaniumDuck Blind Pattern Available in sizes 5-17 $$$5.0
RealTree, Black ZirconiumBlack ZirconiumAvailable in sizes 5-17 in whole RealTreeMax4 Pattern$$$$5.0
Mossy Oak ObsessionTitaniumAvailable in sizes 5-17 in whole Obsession camo pattern$$$4.8
Titanium Wedding Band by #1CamoTitanium8mm wide band$$4.1
Tungsten Carbide Earth Riverstone Inlay TungstenEarth Riverstone inlay$$3.8
Mossy Oak Pink TitaniumAvailable in sizes 5-17 in whole Pink breakup$$$$N/A
Mossy Oak Pink w/ SapphireTitaniumPink Sapphire w/ Pink Breakup Available in sizes 5-17 in whole$$$$$N/A
RealTree AP BandsTitaniumRealTreeAP Pattern Available in sizes 5-17 in whole$$$$N/A

Top Two

Mossy OakMossy Oak: Mossy Oak is a name brand that has been around for decades, so you know that you can trust them. Although very late to jump into the ring industry, they have jumped with both feet, and are producing great rings in several variations, so you have plenty of options. The reason they have earned the top spot over other options however, is that their state of the art hydro implementation of the camouflage keeps the camo design on the ring longer, than almost every other third party ring provider. This is a must for any outdoorsman or military personnel, and they sell great camo wedding rings.

RealtreeRealTree: RealTree is also a major brand name, and create some of the best quality, outdoors equipment and clothing in the market. Just about anything Mossy Oak does, you can be sure that RealTree is sure to follow, and vis versa. RealTree makes their camo wedding rings a little differently than MossyOaks, because they feature many more materials aside from titanium. For instance, their best selling ring is made out of black zirconium(zirconium turns black when heated). Zirconium is the same material that is used to create fuel rods for nuclear power plants, they are extremely durable, and very hard, and shares the best of the combined attributes of titanium and tungsten. For this reason, they are the best quality rings on the market, but the material also increases their price tag, which lowers the overall rating that we prefer to give it.

Becoming Trendy In Several Capacities

The rise of their popularity also owes part of its explanation to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and shows such as Duck Dynasties. Today however, you can see wedding bands of all shapes and sizes being branded by couples, from superman or batman logos, to inscribed words, mixed colors, or yes, even camouflage.

The second major benefit from opting for a camo wedding band, is that it is affordable. Unlike most traditional wedding rings which range in price but typically surpass a hundred dollars, to studded wedding rings that cost close to a thousand dollars, camo rings should all cost below three figures. The material which makes up the camo, although high quality, is inexpensive and looks nice. So even if you opt for a titanium wedding ring, having it hydrographed with camo should save a few bucks off of your purchase(and a lot more if you were going for gold). The cheap purchasing price and absence of brandability also makes camo wedding rings a cinch to replace if lost or stolen, without breaking the bank.

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Should You Theme?

I would clearly talk this one over with your spouse before purchasing. Although the occasion is between you and your husband or wife, there might be reservations towards purchasing an atypical ring. However, if camo is a major part of your life, than why not add a little uniqueness to your themed wedding? Worst case scenario, you lose a hundred dollars and replace the ring later on; but with the ever growing market for unique and individualized wedding rings, these kinds of rings are trending upwards. What was once customary no longer applies, and as we move further along unique and individualized wedding rings will become the standard method in which couples marry.

What is a Camo Ring?Princess Cut Camouflaged Ring

Camo wedding rings are some of the most popular and sought after rings for both engagement and wedding bands, and they can come in a variety shapes, colors, and if you want to include a stone, cuts. Although a relative newcomer in the world of rings, in recent years, its popularity has sky rocketed due to its uniqueness and affordability, compared to other rings. In terms of cuts, the princess cut works extremely well with camo wedding rings because the design helps to augment the color of the camouflage, and the cut itself is much more affordable. Unlike the brilliant cut, princess diamonds have four corners that create a square shape at the crown of the diamond, giving it a similar look to a cushion cut, and allowing flexibility for many different settings.

A princess cut for this reason is often times called a square modified brilliant cut, because the cone of the jewel, which looks a lot like an inverted pyramid at the base, is identical to the brilliant cut. This uniqueness also allows it to maintain its weight and width, because the four corners of the diamond that would normally be cut off to create the brilliant cut, are left in place.

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Along with the weight advantage, the princess cut provides other benefits that completely separate it from the brilliant cut, due to its faceting style. This includes a large degree of light return, and large surface area due to its crown. The additional light return does a good job of showcasing the camouflage, although the brilliant cut still edges princess cuts. When compared to other jewel cuts, such as the cushion, pear shaped, cross, and some of the newer styles such as the art deco cut, the ratio of reflected light to surface area is unmatched, and when combined with the price point, since roughly 10%-30% more of the rough stone is retained in the cutting, the princess cut is the best cut ever created, and goes quite well with camouflage.

Camouflaged rings, what to look for

What to Look for When Choosing

When it comes to choosing a ring, there are literally a hundred different criteria to look for, and varying opinions of what is best. If it were simply the choice of picking out a great shampoo, people typically wouldn’t care, but diamond rings can cost hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. These rings are also symbolic, and about 5 million rings each year are used in the U.S. alone for one chance engagements, so it is important to get it right. Keep in mind what if you are one of those guys, your girl will usually give you hints as to what she is looking for. To help guide you, a simple system of metrics known as the 4 C’s was created to help you find the perfect stone.

The First C of Choosing the Right Diamond for Your Set

Camouflaged Rings Cut

Camo engagement rings obviously require diamonds, but how do you go about looking for the right one? A diamond’s cut is by far the most important, but also the hardest to understand amongst consumers and get right amongst dealers. Most people think that a diamonds cut is simply the design, however, the cut is also a description of the perfection of which the stone was carved to reflect light. The better the cut, the more light is reflected and the brighter the diamond. To understand this process, you have to understand that anatomy of the jewel. The very top of the stone is called the table, and light goes into the table and reflects inside the pavilion(the middle of the diamond) before exiting out through the table again. In a poorly cut jewel, light leaks out through the edges and the brilliant effect that the stone gives off is lessened. These cuts range from ideal(perfect reflection), to fine(tiny variations), to shallow (the edge is too thick and light bounces through, to deep(cut is too sharp and light bounces in and out).

There are only a few officially accredited places in the world that grade princess cut diamonds, and because of these, the degree of which the actual cut that you purchase lives up to the name will vary. The reason for this, is because there is a wide variance of industrial accepted standards, and even a degree of difference between princess diamonds themselves. For instance, some princess diamonds have different a different number of chevrons, which are the scaffolded indents at the cone of the jewel.

Camouflaged Rings DiagramHowever, it is important to note that when looking for a suitable princess cut diamond, some people will try and inflate the value of the jewel due to unqualified grades on its cut. To avoid this, when looking for these princess cut diamonds, look for an official appraisal from either the AGA, AGSL, or EGL-USA, all other appraisals you should scrutinize heavily if the seller tries to upcharge you. With that in mind, here are how diamonds are graded, keep in mind that the quality of the cut is typically inversely proportional to the weight of the original diamond.

Ideal Cut: This cut maximizes the brilliance of the diamond, and is typically accompanied with smaller table sizes. A princess cut typically has a larger table than other cuts, which gives off more light but the light isn’t as sharp.
Premium Cut: A notch below ideal cut quality, it has near perfect brilliance but comes at a much cheaper price.
Very Good Cut: Much of the original diamond was salvaged, but still reflects most light and has near the brilliance of ideal and premium cut diamonds.
Good Cut: This is your standard consumer budgeted diamond. This diamond retains much its original size and still reflects a good amount of light
Fair and Poor Cut: These cuts reflect only a small proportion of light in order to maximize the weight if the diamond.

The Second C of Choosing the Right Diamond, ClarityCamouflaged Rings Clarity

A diamonds clarity is the next thing that we look for when determining the value of a diamond, and that refers to the presence of blemishes on the outside of the stone, and inclusions within the stone itself. After all, when you think about it a diamond is just a rock that has been pressed together over millions of years, it is bound to have blemishes, and to find one that doesn’t is very rare.

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These blemishes and inclusions are classified from many different variables, including bubbles, minerals, cracks, chips, scratches, pits, and indents. The grading scale comes from analyzing the diamond under 10x loupe magnification and determining the range of imperfections, and can be very confusing if you do not understand the acronyms the scale reads:

Anatomy of a Camouflaged RingF: A Flawless stone. Has no flaws, extremely rare
IF: The diamond is internally flawless, containing only external surface level flaws. Also rare
VVS1-VVS2: Very Very Slightly Included. Tiny inclusions which are very difficult to detect even under microscope, there are two grades of this.
VS1-VS2: Very Slightly Included, also two grades. Inclusions that are somewhat difficult to detect under microscope.
SI1-SI2: Slightly Included, also two grades. Minute levels of inclusions that can easily be detected under microscope.
I1-I2-I3: Included, three grades. These inclusions are visible to the naked eye and can be detected under microscope, these diamonds are cheap and should not be bought as they obstruct greatly with clarity of the jewel.

When choosing your jewel, clarity is perhaps the least important of all the characteristics you should look for. As long as you find a diamond that is not an I, which are typically not sold through retail anyways, you should be ok. The inclusion levels from F-S level have virtually no bearing on the brightness of the diamond.

Camouflaged Engagement Rings ColorThe Third C of Choosing the Right Diamond, Color

When you are looking for a diamond, color is a very important attribute, or at least lack there of. A perfect diamond is completely colorless and like a window, allows light to pass through which creates its sparkle. The whiter and more clear a diamond is, the greater its sparkle, and the greater its value. Keep in mind that this criteria is based on white diamonds, there are blue and black diamonds that are even more rare and are even more expensive.

The standard for the color scale that most jewelers use is GIA’s professional scale, which ranges from a rating of D(colorless), all the way to Z, with increasing levels of yellow and brown. Most diamonds D through G are are extremely rare and expensive, however most of the diamonds H through J are colorless to the naked eye if your looking for the best bang for your buck. Its also important to keep in mind the color of the band that you wish to use, because if your band is yellow you can cheat a little more than if you are wearing a white or platinum band. The best advice is to look at the jewel yourself, some people actually like the less radiant and warmer colors of the mid quality diamonds.

The Final C for Choosing the Right Band, Carat WeightCamouflaged Engagement Rings Carat

Lets get real here, it all comes down to the size. Its bragging rights, your ring might sparkle and it could have been ridiculously expensive, but nothing scores envy like having a 3 carat diamond and waving it around like it’s a live grenade. So what is a carat, and how big should you get?

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A carat is actually an increment of weight, one carat is equal to 2 grams or 200 milligrams, and is a derivative of ancient Greek term. Since diamonds are a non-renewable resource and are created deep under the ground under a unique set of circumstances, the size of each jewel is directly proportional to its rarity and therefore cost. The bigger the diamond, the more it is going to cost you, and the price goes up exponentially the larger the jewel is. A neat trick to pick out a smaller diamond and yet still get away with it, is to purchase a setting that mounts smaller diamonds around the center diamond, creating an enlarged effect but for a fraction of the price.

Why You Should Purchase

Camo Wedding Rings with DiamondsNo matter your circumstance, buying a diamond ring is a time honored tradition, and sealing the deal with wedding bands naturally comes next. Although many wealthy people buy diamond rings for their anniversary or to accessorize, most people purchase these rings to cement a moment in time. It is an extremely difficult challenge however to budget what you are willing to spend, and still provide a quality ring. The rule of thumb is that you want to spend two months worth of your paycheck on an engagement ring, and then go considerably cheaper with you wedding bands.

Its ultimately up to you to decide the quality of the jewel that you wish to purchase, however, if you are looking for the most bang for your buck I wouldn’t go with any other way than purchasing princess cut diamonds while looking at camo engagement rings or camo wedding rings. With the princess cut, your getting a much larger diamond for the same price of other cuts, and you retain virtually the same amount of radiance. Even more, the large surface area of the table gives the impression of an even larger diamond, the increased light augments the camouflage perfectly, and it mounts perfectly with halo settings to give it an enormous look.